April 2023 - Light Kitchen Renovation and Dedicated Hi Res Chrome Cast Install

Fix the dry wall crack Above the dinning room entry way and pained. Installed a custom swivel mounted 10in 1920 by 1080 IPS full hd screen with Chrome cast and dedicated low latency Bluetooth aptx headphones.

April 2023 - Hitachi Short Throw projector repair

An adventure in electronics repair. After disassembling and troubleshooting, I discovered broken gears in the lift assembly. Armed with my calipers and my trusty 3D printer, I crafted custom replacements. The result? The once-troubled projector now works like a charm. It's a testament to the magic of DIY repairs and the wonders of 3D printing. 

February 2023 - Living room Home Server/Laser Printer Enclosure
Externally powered and networked this unit will house my home media server and laser printer. Keeping them neat, out of site, and most importantly, out of my office.

August 2022 - 3D Printed Robotic Arm Project (Work in Progress)

A 3D printed robotic arm based on the open-source 5DOFKAUDA design. While I've mainly stuck to the original design, I've also made a few unique modifications. These adjustments were aimed at simplifying the printing process, reducing material costs, and enhancing overall strength.

In my redesigns I tipped the power-to-weight ratio into more of the weight. This happened because I added a Nema11 stepper motor into the gripper, as to incorporate a 6th axis into the 5 axis robot. To tackle this issue, I've been working on incorporating planetary gearboxes into the base steppers. This modification will allow the arm to efficiently lift the additional weight.

December 2022 - 3d Printed Desktop Power Supply

Converted an ATX power supply to a bench top power supply with a front plate I designed to have a Jack Kirby inspired machine-like aesthetic straight from the comic books. I had a lot of fun bringing this project to life and flexing my skills in 3D printing and electronics.

December 2021 - Computer Transplant and Upgrade

Upgraded the power supply, graphics cards, and tower for my PC. PS upgraded form a 650 Watt to the 850 Watt Corrsair modular ps. Put in two Radeon RX570. Switch to a slightly more compact tower with low db fans and sound dampening.

September 2020 - Afternoon Sister in-law Desk Build

My sister need a desk for the 2020 fall semester. There were no reasonably priced desks available in central Ohio at the time, so I took an afternoon and built her one.

April 2020 - Simple Raised Garden

December 2019 - Half Bath Renovation

2015 - Heathkit (1964) Vacuum Tube Voltage Scope repair

Found this at a garage sale for a few dollars and decided it would be a fun research/repair project. It did not disappoint. 

April 2014 - Scrap Built Sega Genesis Table Top

Original built in 2014 and still being tinkered with as my son has gotten a hold of it and claimed it as his own. I "upgraded" the screen and 3d printed the bezel. I am currently working to extend the cartridge slot to allow games to be changed without opening the housing.